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3 Ways to Instill Strategic Agility in Your Business

Updated: July 7, 2022

In today’s society, trends and needs constantly shift, creating a chaotic pattern that many small businesses won’t easily make sense of. Although technology has certainly made running business operations easier and more accessible, this has inevitably developed a large amount of competition in the market.

In order to stay relevant, a business must remain easily adaptable, learning to go with the flow and jump on every available opportunity. For this reason, many business owners have pushed for their business to instill strategic agility into their companies.

Strategic Agility

Strategic Agility, in a gist, is the ability to adapt and respond quickly to changes. For businesses, this covers their capability of working with the ebb and flow of the market and the shifting needs of consumers. By instilling strategic agility, a business won’t just be able to keep up with the times, but they will also be able to succeed in their endeavours.

To help you in this struggling market, here are three ways to instill strategic agility into your business.

Create a clear mission and vision

A good business needs an anchor to keep it steady, and the best anchor would be to have a clear mission and vision. This, in itself, is a marker of a good business, but it also guarantees your consumers that your business is serious in its service.

Beyond that, however, having a mission and vision clears your employees with what it means to be with your company. Each of your future actions will be in line with these, allowing you to steer a clear course—no matter what you may face in the future.

Set clear success markers and goal-posts

With your mission and vision in mind, you can now create clear markers of success based on those. This will keep everyone facing the same direction, moving towards a clear path to success that your business will pave through.

Clear markers of success won’t just give you valuable input as to how your business is doing, but it also guides your strategies on how to operate your business functions. When certain trends come rocking the boat, all you’ll have to do is to keep the course towards your success markers and aim for the gold.

Keep clear lines of communication

Communication is what will keep your business running smoothly. No matter what obstacle you face, you’re only capable of reacting if you know that there’s a problem to react to. Through constant communication with your employees, you get to have eyes on the front lines—allowing you to react accordingly.

Aside from that, you also get to build trust within your business. A strong trust among fellow colleagues allows you all to share the same vision—which you will need to keep in mind when things start to get rocky. This way, you all get to have the big picture in mind as you react to each challenge, moving towards the success that you’re all envisioning.


Having Strategic Agility will keep your business afloat, no matter the challenge you face. By keeping yourself open to change, you get to utilise the best and newest trends to your advantage. This way, you don’t just get to survive, but you can also stay ahead of the competition.

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