Get started fast with OKR

Get started fast with OKR

Get your teams focused and nail your audacious goals without wasting time figuring out how. Our OKR Consultants and Coaches implement OKR quickly for Australian and American businesses.

We work with leaders like you who want to scale their business and build High Performing Teams.

Our Clients

Our Clients

Ready to start with OKR?

OKR Quickstart


OKR is hard to master. Having introduced Objectives and Key Results to some of the World's leading businesses, we've learnt exactly what it takes to make OKR work for you.

That's a nice way of saying we've learnt the hard way so that you don't need to. 
The OKR Quickstart program is designed to drive you value sooner by getting OKR working for you fast. We created because we saw so many businesses literally loosing years wasting time trying to get their OKR programs right. 

OKR fast. Grow fast. Here's how...

OKR Coaching & Consulting


Aspiring to create an incredible leadership team and culture? 

Our Transformational Leadership Program and Executive Governance Model creates a mindset shift to high impact leadership and builds a cohesive leadership team which enables alignment, adaptability and focus across the entire organisation. It's like a roadmap to an awesome leadership.

OKR Training


Most OKR training is shocking to be blunt. It's all great in theory, but forget about trying to apply it.

That's where our OKR training is different. It ensures you're fully equiped to embed OKR with you team. No matter your context! That's because we've helped hundreds of teams embed OKR. Our material is based on knowing exactly what it takes to make it work! 

The OKR Quickstart

1. Strategise

Clear change strategy

  • A meaningful problem for the team & business
  • Understand purpose
  • Compelling change narrative
  • Clarity on why use OKR and why now 

2. Influence

Influencers & Awareness

  • OKR champions network
  • Tailored OKR approach
  • Create awareness of OKR & why it's important

3. Learn

Learn OKR Framework

  • OKR training and learning experiences
  • OKR case studies
  • OKR discussion forums
  • Share related internal sucess stories

4. Experiment

OKR Experiment

  • Understand your strategy
  • Focus on one team or function
  • Create one OKR per team
  • Build in quick wins
  • OKR share & iterate

5. Embed

Execute & Embed

  • Link actions, initiatives, activities to the OKR
  • Acknowledge misalignmment
  • Weekly confidence score

6. Improvement

Continuous Improvement

  • Celebrate wins
  • Score & retrospective at end of cycle
  • Ensure incentives do not disrupt OKR

What they are saying

Within only 4 months we found we had turbocharged our product delivery increased customer impact and were working better together to realise our vision.

Peter Forbes

Founder & CEO HROnboard 

The OKR Quickstart team provided ongoing support and guidance that has enabled us to go from strength to strength. Having recently made the Australian Stock Exchange 300 list, we are well-positioned for radical long-term success.

Monica Watt


Working with the OKR Quickstart team was an absolute delight! We found an average productivity uplift of 20-30%!

Jarrod Ellery


Without OKR Quickstart there’s no way we could have introduced OKR as quickly and painlessly as we did. They’ve been a key part of our scaling journey! The experience was insane. Within a couple of weeks of starting the OKR Quickstart, everybody had meaningful OKRs.

Simone Mancini


Working with OKR Quickstart has been nothing short of transformative for Domino's!

Matt Kershaw

Global Head of People Development

"If you’re looking to embed OKR or you’re doing OKR and not getting the value you’d expect, you’d be silly to work with anyone else. This is an investment that drives more value than you can imagine. For us, it’s resulted in countless successful launches and happy customers."

Nathan Chan

ceo of foundr

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