Leading OKR for Teams Online Course

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This is an OKR course like no other! Have you found that your teams are not achieving the outcomes you'd hoped for? Are you trying to get your team to focus on driving business outcomes rather than just "doing the work"? Feeling like your strategy is missing something actionable? Or are you just struggling to get OKR working in your business?

The complete course material incudes everything you need to embed OKR with your team and start driving real outcomes! From detailed concepts, facilitation guides and stories from real world implementations.

What you'll LEARN

  • Understand the core OKR concepts with real-world examples
  • Discover how to craft a change journey that creates passionate advocates of the framework
  • Write high impact Objectives and Key Results
  • How to facilitate OKR Workshops in person or digitally
  • Avoid common pitfalls of many OKR implementations
  • Embed OKRs into your teams operating rhythm and score like a champion
  • Know where OKR applies and does not apply
  • Begin applying OKR in your personal life right now!

What you'll GET

This is not some sign-up and watch the videos course. This is for people who really want to be able to speak about the framework with confidence. This is about taking the concepts back to your team and driving success with them.

Great! This is for you!

Everything you need from being new to OKR to implementing it in your team with confidence following our proven framework.

OKR Quickstart: OKR Adoption Model

Your 7-week OKR experiment

We're with you each step of the way

Here's what's included in the program and what you'll get:

  • Certified Leading OKR for Teams verifying your understanding with trial quizzes and an exam at the completion
  • Downloadable templates and tools for you to use within your businesses right now (saving you weeks of work!)
  • Online personalised support through an international network of OKR and business coaches
  • Involvement in regular community coaching and discussion events via Zoom
  • Access to a network of individuals passionate about OKR and high performing team
  • Embed OKRs into your teams operating rhythm and score like a champion

Loads of templates, forms and worksheets

Who is this for?

This OKR course is targeted at leaders and change agents. This course is most impactful for the following people:

Technology delivery leaders and coaches

Product development leaders

Operational leaders

Small startup founders

Already doing OKR, but not feeling the value?

If you're already doing OKR and hitting the following challenges, then this course is for you!


Your teams are not fully embracing their goals

How do you bring goals into the team's daily habit? Why don't they take responsibility to make OKR their focus?

You make yourself available, you champion the approach, yet it feels like you're having to push it the whole way.


Your quarterly OKR setting takes too long

Setting OKRs feels like a slow painful process. Teams are frustrated by the cycle. Worse, you feel consumed by the process. You know it's going to be a drain of your time and energy.


You're not happy with your measures

Are you using the right measures? Do your teams have access to the right measures? Do you still need KPIs? How do you know when is the right time to adjust a Key Result?


You feel like your bigger goals are out of reach

Now more than ever, we need to drive outcomes. Can your current approach create the next Google or AfterPay? If you could get everyone focusing on your biggest challenges, what would be different? What else could you be missing?

We've been there and felt the pain!

That's the beauty of this course. It's not a theory. It's not based on books. It's based on hard, real-world experiences.

What people are saying?

Our first round trial members are loving it. Here's what they're saying:

Tim has presented the course as a series of well designed, easily digestible bite-sized chunks, which I have found easy to revisit on the occasions when I need to listen again.

Alan Taylor

I really enjoyed the Leading OKRs for Teams. It includes the important supporting topics like Change Management involved in introducing OKRs to your teams and gives a step-by-step easy to follow framework to set yourself up for success.

Ruma Dak

What makes us an authority on OKR?

While OKR has been around for a long time, there's been little development in the OKR knowledge base. There's plenty of what success looks like, but little on how to get there. We, like many before us, hard to learn the hard way.

Here's how we've learnt:

Helping more than 20 companies ranging from large 1,600 person businesses to 9 person startups introduce OKR.

Annual research exploring how OKRs help businesses create a competitive advantage in our State of OKR publication.

Creation of OKR frameworks, patterns and tools to give you an edge.

Importantly, our platform is based on community. So if we don't have the specific experience you're after, there will be someone in our collective who does!


  • Understand the core OKR concepts with real-world examples
  • Discover our proven framework to introduce OKR with a passionate OKR Champion network
  • Write high impact Objectives and Key Results
  • Facilitate the creation of OKR in person or digitally
  • Avoid common pitfalls of many OKR implementations
  • Save months of time with templates, worksheets and emails

Leading OKR for Teams Online Course

$947 4 payments of $247