OKR Templates

Our free OKR templates are designed to help individuals, teams, and organizations succeed at every level.
We have the resources you need to implement OKR and set, track, and review your OKRs!

Why use our
  OKR Templates?

Not sure what steps you need to take to move the needle towards your organization's objectives? Need to bring your team together to set an OKR but aren’t sure how?

Our templates are battle tested with the world's leading companies using OKR.

Make your OKR journey easy with OKR planning templates. Whether you’re looking to address unidentified or misaligned OKRs or run an OKR workshop, we have the right template for you. Our free OKR templates will help you plan your next steps in an easy to use format. We give you the resources you need to succeed at every level.

Short-Term Benefits

OKR Strategy templates can support you and your team in moving closer to your organization's objectives. Our free OKR templates are here to help you:

  • Make your OKR setting and tracking easy
  • Quickly address misalignment of objectives.
  • Make the core concepts of OKR easy to understand.
  • Ensure Mid-cycle reviews are effective.
  • Help you confidently run an OKR workshop.
  • Create alignment from the bottom up.
  • Check in on Key Results.

Long-Term Benefits

OKR Strategy templates set you and your teams up for success. Our free OKR templates can be adapted over time as your organizational needs evolve, they are designed to help you:

  • Avoid making mistakes that cost time, and resources.
  • Develop a culture of engagement and alignment.
  • Ensure teams have a mindset and focus on outcomes.
  • Embed OKR into your quarterly planning.
  • Achieve your organizational goals faster.
  • Keep teams aligned and looking in the same direction.

Who Needs 

OKR Templates?

Our Free OKR Templates are designed to be used at all levels to help you succeed. These resources help teams create alignment from the bottom up. Templates are available for individuals, teams, groups, and top-level individuals overseeing improvements. Using an OKR planning template can help you achieve desired outcomes and results faster.

Whether you’re a start-up hitting the ground running or a seasoned expert, OKR strategy templates can help you plan and align your OKR framework.

How to use our
OKR Templates?

Our free OKR templates are easy to use at any stage of your OKR journey. We've designed them to help you at every stage of the journey. Sure, we’ve all used templates before. But it’s important to use them in a way that is going to make them the most successful. Want to get started using OKR Templates?

Follow these steps to make them effective and superpower your organization's OKRs: 

How to get started with our
OKR Templates?

1. Set your strategy and priorities

Make sure you have any and all additional strategy notes, documents, and data (e.g., performance data, statistics, playbooks, other resources, etc)prepared and ready along with your OKR template. 

2. Identify The Teams

Identify anyone who would benefit from being part of using the OKR templates. This might be individuals, teams, departments, management, stakeholders, etc.

3. Present In Your Meeting

Present your vision for using the OKR template to the people you identified (and anyone who you need buy-in from) to address the benefits of using and aligning OKRs with goals and KPIs.

4. Revisit Consistently

Keep the momentum going! Schedule recurring meetings with your core OKR team to revisit the OKR tracking template. These meetings will be a chance to adjust, adapt and keep moving forward. 

Types of OKR Templates

OKR planning templates are available for all stages of OKR. Whether you are OKR setting for the first time, or looking to create more alignment with your team. Use all or some of the free OKR templates depending on your teams unique needs.


OKR Mid-Cycle Review Checklist

Execution is everything. The intent of the Mid-Cycle Review Checklist is to ensure the organisation is executing effectively and that we’re making good progress on achieving our outcome.


OKR Cheatsheet

The OKR Cheatsheet brings the core concepts into a simple one pager. Bring it to your next OKR workshop to make OKR setting easy for your team!


OKR Setting Checklist

Rock your next OKR cycle by following this checklist to create alignment without a top down approach.


OKR Facilitation Kit

Great OKRs come from a well run OKR workshop. Use the OKR facilitation kit to confidently run your next OKR workshop, create awesome OKRs and make it a blast for your team.


State Of OKR 2020 Report

We've surveyed the world's top businesses to understand how they're driving success during a post-COVID economy. Use this report to quickly align your business on what's most important and drive success. 


OKR Confidence
Scoring Template

Use this template to capture and score your team's Key Result confidence scores. This will help you stay aligned and quickly adjust course as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I customize an OKR template to fit my specific goals and objectives?

Our OKR Framework Templates are designed to be adapted and adjusted. The working templates (such as the OKR Confidence Scoring Sheet) come in a variety of editable formats, including Google Documents and Microsoft 365 formats. As your OKR needs change over time, keep reviewing and updating the templates.

How often should I update my OKR template to ensure I am on track to meet my goals? 

We recommend you are doing weekly OKR check-ins. This might include reviewing and updating some of your OKR strategy templates (like the OKR Confidence Scoring Template), but others you might need less frequently (like the OKR Setting Checklist). 

Are there any best practices for using an OKR template effectively?

Check out the steps above for some tips and tricks for using OKR templates effectively. We recommend you have any supporting materials prepared, key individuals or teams and identified and included in the journey, and you keep checking back on templates to adapt and ensure success.

How do I measure the success of my OKR template and adjust it as needed?

We recommend OKR setting on a quarterly basis. At the end of each OKR cycle, check back in on your templates with your team. This is a key touch point to discuss what went well, what didn’t, and what you can do this quarter to be even more successful. This is when you can review and make adjustments to your OKR templates.

Can an OKR template be used in conjunction with other goal-setting frameworks or methodologies? 

Our OKR planning templates are designed to support you with your OKRs. You might have other methodologies or processes you use at your organization. We encourage you to use all/any aspects of the templates to adapt to your and your organization's unique needs. 

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