OKR Bootcamp.

Align and execute.

An eight-module, bootcamp-style course and coaching program designed to help you get OKRs working in your business.

All companies get stuck

And yet, so many good businesses become great with OKRs. How do they come out on top?


Your teams are not fully embracing their goals

How do you bring goals into the team's daily habit? Why don't they take responsibility to make OKR their focus?

You make yourself available, you champion the approach, yet it feels like you're having to push it the whole way.


Your teams find OKR setting overwhelming

Setting OKRs feels like a slow painful process. Teams are frustrated by the cycle. Worse, you feel consumed by the process. You know it's going to be a drain of your time and energy.


Your alignment process is difficult

Creating OKRs which align to the company-wide OKR is too hard. Teams feel unrepresented by it or it has become too top-down.

Then we get to horizontal alignment. Teams struggle to work through dependencies. Knowing whom to talk to and when is puzzling.


you're writing poor quality okr

Are you using the right measures?
Do your teams have access to the right measures? Do you still need KPIs?
How do you know when is the right time to adjust a Key Result?


You feel like your bigger goals are out of reach

Now more than ever, we need to drive outcomes. Can your current approach create the next Google or AfterPay? If you could get everyone focusing on your biggest challenges, what would be different? What else could you be missing?

I've Been Exactly Where You Are!

That's the beauty of this course. It's not a theory. It's not based on books. It's based on hard, real-world experiences.

Every roadblock under the sun, you name it, I've hit it.

From needing to get executive buy into getting teams excited about OKRs. I've led OKR processes where I've literally dreaded the quarterly cycle.

I always saw the value, and that kept me going. I've built the tools and practices to make it work.

During this journey, I uncovered one secret that makes your implementation work.

This helped my team and I transform countless business.

The secret?

A clear vision with a clear structure.

Here's why our OKR Bootcamp is so awesome:

The entire 6 weeks revolves around giving you the practices to apply OKRs in your business. We help you create a compelling vision for your OKR process. We give you the structure to make it happen.

Starting with a small experiment to being ready to roll them out across the organisation. We work with you every step of the journey to make this a massive success. This is a whole different level of training!

Normally reserved for our clients but for the first time, we're opening this up to the public!

What the 12-week OKR Bootcamp looks like



You'll get exclusive access to weekly training and group coaching calls.

Learn with others on the same journey.



We give you the change management tools and practices to get maximum buy-in.

You'll be ready to lead the OKR change journey and create a shift in mindset.



Now you have your change strategy, it's time to make the change happen! We're here with you every step of the way.

Here to answer any of your questions. You'll also get access to tools, templates and video training to ease your journey.



During your experiment, it's time to look to the rest of the business. We work with you to create your action plan to roll OKRs out more broadly.

This includes engaging your exec team and bringing them in on the journey.

Learn the leading practices for introducing OKRs:

We've taken the best ideas from business introducing OKRS and condensed them into a concise practices

Save time with access to our tools and templates:

Save time by using our tried and tested templates to facilitate OKR creation in your business.

Include your team and radical buy-in:

Change management is hard but done well its adoption goes like wildfire.

This bootcamp will show you how to create a network of passionate advocates

Radical impact begins with winning daily:

Embed OKRs into the psyche of your organisation.

Drive focus by making it part of every day, every week, every month and every quarter.

This is unlike any program you've done before:

We don't believe in traditional certified training. This program is about enabling YOU to uplift skills and make an impact.

Active ongoing coaching and support:

Our OKR specialists will actively coach and answer questions throughout the program. But it doesn't stop there.
We work directly with you, each step of the way.

Join the clan:

You'll gain lifetime access to our exclusive OKR & Strategy community. Our advisory team provide support, advice and ongoing coaching. Even better, other members who have faced the same challenge are there to support you too!

Learn from the best, trusted by the best:

We specialise in helping high growth businesses achieve the incredible though OKRs. We've done it enough times and make enough of our own mistakes to make your implementation a huge success!

Our Clients

Our Clients

Unsure If This Is Right For You?

Take a brief quiz to see if you’re ready to join us in the bootcamp and create radical outcomes with OKR.

Bootcamp Outcomes

With times are tough, the tough get going! Drive serious business outcomes by identifying the high impact OKRs that align your teams and enable them to grow your business. Get started the right way and drive success sooner.

In this bootcamp, you'll learn:

  • Learn how to drive success despite economic challenges.
  • In-depth understanding of OKRs and their intent.
  • Create a path for change by identifying leveraging enablers of change.
  • Ready to lead personal, team and organisation-wide OKR setting exercises.
  • Have the practices and tools to run a scaled OKR workshop to create focus and alignment between teams.
  • Embed OKRs into the business and team operating rhythm, making them relevant, active and impactful.


The OKR Bootcamp requires a 4-hour per week commitment, consisting of a:

  • Weekly training session (video at a time which works for you).
  • Weekly group coaching.
  • Fortnightly peer collaboration call.
  • Ongoing engagement with our online OKR community.

The completion of the series will result in a virtual unconference to condense and share the learning

Entry Criteria

Although we're opening this to the public, the group joining us must be high impact and outcome-focused, and who are totally committed to creating change. Positions are limited, so all applicants will be individually assessed and interviewed.

Key Dates

For the next intake, we have the following key dates:

  • 30th July 2020 - Access to course material, community group and pre-work begins.
  • 20th August 2020 - Eight Week Bootcamp formally begins.

Learn from the best, trusted by the best:

"We found we had turbocharged our product delivery, increased customer impact and were working better together to realise our vision. "

Peter Forbes

Founder & CEO HROnboard

" Working with the OKR Quickstart team was an absolute delight! We found an average productivity uplift of 20-30%! "

Jarrod Ellery


"Leadership begins with your team and OKR Quickstart team allowed us to facilitate an incredible day of insights, learning and clarity on the the vision of our company."

Linda Monique

Founder & CEO ALMO

Exclusive access

We're making the OKR bootcamp even better

We continuously improve our OKR Bootcamp, but this is our biggest yet. We're very excited about the changes:

First: The program is now designed for you to lead the journey yourself with our coaching and support included! We're here to help every step of the way.

Second: This is normally exclusive to our biggest clients. We're making this available to all, tailored to startups, scale-ups and teams.

Crush your next OKR cycle

  • Follow our proven OKR implementation method to make your journey a success
  • Bring all of your team leads - there is no seat limit
  • Shift your business to an outcome mindset
  • Lifetime access to our OKR community
  • On-demand support and coaching
  • Live peer workshops to learn from others on the same journey
  • Receive an OKR Leadership Kit
  • BONUS book: Radical Focus

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