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Become outcome focused, Aligned & nimble

Rapid changes in customer preferences, technology and employee expectations are transforming all aspects work and life. Your company must move just as fast to succeed. OKR is your path there.

Embedding OKR is hard, especially when it's your first time doing it. We want to get your entire business working with OKR quickly with radical ownership, aliment and focus. 

History Favours the Bold.

Why is getting started with OKR so hard?

it shouldn't be - but here's where it gets tricky:

  • Wasting huge amounts of time figuring out OKR and making simple mistakes
  • Missing the right activities to set and align OKRs (making it way too painful!)
  • Poorly written OKRs which don't help the business focus and prioritise

There's a better way to approach OKR. Our OKR Coaching is backed by experience helping hundreds of teams embed OKR.

OKR Quickstart

  • Build radical OKR advocates fast - The OKR Quickstart introduces core OKR concepts to the team with practical training sessions. During this time we build a compelling change narrative which inspires and engages the team.
  • OKR Ceremonies for smooth setting -  This is one of the biggest things people miss. Kicking your OKRs off is more than just writing them down. The OKR Quickstart coaching program introduces light weight but impactful ceremonies which ensure the right OKRs are set, teams are aligned and checking in on progress regularly.
  • Make OKR writing easy - Introduce simple concepts and ideas to help your great meaningful OKRs which focus the business and teams. Your jaw will drop when you see what your teams achieve with OKRs done right!

How OKR helps your business?


Create the structure and focus for teams to link their current priorities to business strategy. Teams are empowered to change the game through directional autonomy and a clear measure of progress.


Create RADICAL momentum with cross-functional teams aligning on organisational priorities. OKR brings transparency and collaboration which enables teams to collectively focus. This is how you create an unstoppable wave of outcomes.


OKR enables you to see how your progressing and validate your decisions as you go. They act as a north star which directs you down the right path. Even better is they tell you when you're off course. Your OKR gives you the blueprint to make an impact. This clarity will drive radical engagement with your teams.

Get Started With OKR Fast

You want to achieve your goals fastThat's why our leading OKR Consultants crafted the OKR Quickstart program. We want to get you running with OKR quickly so that you can focus on what you do best. Don't spend months of even years getting it right.

key success factors

  • Getting OKR right and learn fast with an OKR Experiment
  • Co-designing your OKR approach with your teams
  • Nailing the change management and avoid common mistakes

Over time we're refined the OKR Quickstart to help you 
nail your change journey, lift capability and get OKR working fast.

OKR Quickstart Approach

1. Strategise

Clear change strategy

  • A meaningful problem for the team & business
  • Understand purpose
  • Compelling change narrative
  • Clarity on why use OKR and why now 

2. Influence

Influencers & Awareness

  • OKR champions network
  • Tailored OKR approach
  • Create awareness of OKR & why it's important

3. Learn

Learn OKR Framework

  • OKR training and learning experiences
  • OKR case studies
  • OKR discussion forums
  • Share related internal sucess stories

4. Experiment

OKR Experiment

  • Understand your strategy
  • Focus on one team or function
  • Create one OKR per team
  • Build in quick wins
  • OKR share & iterate

5. Embed

Execute & Embed

  • Link actions, initiatives, activities to the OKR
  • Acknowledge misalignmment
  • Weekly confidence score

6. Improve

Continuous Improvement

  • Celebrate wins
  • Score & retrospective at end of cycle
  • Ensure incentives do not disrupt OKR

Co-designed for impact

Scaling change is hard.  Our approach to co-design creates a network of change agents within each team to embed the framework. This network of your most passionate individuals are called your OKR Champions.

Following Lean Change practices we establish a regular forum for the OKR Champions to take a lead role and be accountable for the implementation of the changes. Whether you're a small startup or a large multinational, this approach creates commitment and disseminates capability across your business with your own people.

How we create lasting oKR advocates

  • Change lead: Senior individual accountable for change implementation.
  • Change Champ: Team members who'll facilitate embedding the change within teams. 
  • Senior Change Champ: Senior stakeholders from around the business who'll lead design of the change and execute change across the business. 
  • Rest of organization: Although no part of the change champ group, everyone is responsible for delivering on the change. Though the chang champ, everyone will have the tools to embed the change.

why our okr quickstart?

Proven experience helping hundreds of businesses & teams nail OKR

Our Australian based OKR Coaches have helped hundreds of businesses and teams across the globe be successful with OKR. As a result, they've increased alignment, made their teams happier and grown their business beyond their wildest dreams. And don't take our word for it, read what they have to say!

OKR Training to fully equip everyone in you business (Efficiently!)

One size never fits all! People leading OKR need to understand how to facilitate killer OKR workshops, rally the team and lead people with their goals in mind. Team members using OKR need to understand how to identify the problems they're solving and track their progress. That's why our OKR training is tailored to each group to make sure they apply it practically.  

Strategic Execution System

Operating Rhythm

Our co-designed approach to embedding OKR links our experience with your business understanding. What we create is a powerful machine for planning, alignment and execution tailored to you. This is embedded in your business as a lasting heartbeat.

Built from experience

This is Tim Newbold, Director of Strategy and Founder of OKR Quickstart. Tim is one of the world's leading OKR Coaches. For over a decade, Tim has refined our approach to OKR across a number of organisations and industries. He's learnt the hard lessons so you don't need to.

Tim's team of OKR Consultants and OKR Facilitators now helps companies embed OKR from our offices in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Our delighted clients span Asia, the US and Europe. Our favourite clients have written some incredible stories about our work with them.

Our Clients

Our Clients

Ready to begin your OKR quickstart?

Contact us now for an informal chat about how you can get started with OKR.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the OKR Quickstart a LIVE facilitated program or do we need to do it ourselves?

This is our premier program where we work with you and your team through each step of the way. All sessions are live with your team. Not only that, but we talk at relevant staff meetings and write all of the change communications for you to send out.

It's all about saving you time!

How long does the OKR Quickstart take?

We can make it go as fast or as slow as you like. If you want to move fast we can have you smashing out your first OKR cycle in 8 weeks. Two weeks preparation and 6 weeks to execute an "OKR Pilot". At the end of the pilot we help you set your OKR for the next cycle.

In reality, most clients (particularly larger firms) like to take a slightly more gentle approach. Let's jump on a call and we can recommend an approach which will work for you.

Can we keep working with you after the OKR Quickstart?

Of course! Most clients like move to our Monthly Momentum program, but that's out of want, not need. The Quickstart is intended to give you everything you need to embed and refine your OKR model.

Will you create OKR documentation for my team to use?

Absolutely! A core part of our process is to build tailored material to help you team operationalise OKRs and embed them within your culture. Some of the customised material includes:

  • Miro OKR Setting Template - Custom board for setting OKRs with multiple teams who are distributed.
  • OKR Playbook - A culture book explaining your approach to OKR and guiding team members and leaders on the framework.
  • OKR Cheatsheet - Self explanatory!
  • OKR Facilitation Kit - A toolkit for team members to run their own OKR workshops.
  • OKR Setting and mid-cycle review checklists - Simple checklists to help leaders and team members prepare for OKR setting and reviewing.
  • OKR Planning Document - Make your OKR Model easy to run with a clear annual calendar.
  • OKR Wiki - Detailed wiki / intranet pages on your OKR Framework.

And much more!

Do you work with clients across the globe?

Our head Office is based in Melbourne Australia, however our team is distributed across all timezones. Includes The United States of America and Europe.

When you reach out to us, you'll speak directly with an OKR Coach who covers your region. No sales reps here. This ensures we give you the best advice possible and maintain continuity as we work with you to achieve the incredible!

Are we free to use your content, frameworks and training recordings?

Absolutely. You're welcome to use all of our content within your business as much as you like! You can also keep our recorded training.

Love the idea, but want diy?

We're incredibly passionate about making OKR available to all! So if getting our help in your office to help embed OKR is not on the cards, here's some pathways to getting started yourself.

Still not convinced?

As we discovered through our recent survey "Harnessing OKRs during the pandemic", OKR is a powerful tool to drive focus, inspire people and create outcomes. Learn more about the report by clicking here!

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