Checking in around your OKR confidence level is a key part of measuring your OKR progress. The OKR Confidence Scoring Template will help you capture and score your team's Key Result confidence scores and adjust course throughout the quarter as needed.

What is an OKR Confidence and how does the template help?

Confidence scoring helps you and your team discuss your level of certainty that you will achieve your key results by the end of the quarter. By placing a number on your level of confidence, it allows you to think through how you might adjust your pathway forward to raise that confidence level. It's a data point that will help you and your team align on next steps, problem solve potential barriers and pivot if needed. By checking in regularly on OKR confidence levels, you can get ahead and adjust, before it’s too late.

How to get started with the OKR Confidence level template?

We recommend using the OKR Confidence Level Template at your weekly OKR check-ins. Reviewing your confidence level with your team will be a chance to understand everyone's perspective, and share ideas to overcome any barriers. The Template will be a guide to help you track your progress throughout the quarter.

Outcomes & Benefits in Understanding OKR Confidence

Ready to start using The OKR Confidence Template? Get ready to see results! Understanding OKR Confidence will help you and your team with: 

Identification of Early Issues

Embedding OKR Confidence levels will allow you and your team a process for giving and receiving feedback to identify potential roadblocks and issues.

Enhanced Communication & Alignment

Using the OKR Confidence template will encourage communication across your team, allowing everyone to get on the same page and problem solving together.

Realistic Goal Setting

The OKR Confidence template helps you track progress along the way, setting and meeting realistic goals to achieve your key results. 

Data-Driven Decision

The OKR Confidence Score is an important measurement tool to make sure you are making data-driven decisions to drive your business.

Accountability & Motivation

Keep your teams accountable and motivated to discuss both what’s working well, but also current challenges and opportunities to each other out. 

Measuring Effectiveness

Integrating OKR Confidence scoring helps you begin to measure your teams effectiveness and increase the likelihood of achieving your key results. 

Other Helpful Templates for you

Looking for more OKR Templates? You’re in luck!

OKR Cheat Sheet

The OKR Cheatsheet brings the core concepts into a simple one pager. Bring it to your next OKR workshop to make OKR setting easy for your team!

OKR Facilitation Kit

Use the OKR facilitation kit to confidently run your next OKR workshop, create awesome OKRs, and make it a blast for your team.

OKR Setting Checklist

Rock your next OKR cycle by following this checklist to create alignment without a top down approach.

OKR Midcycle
Review Checklist

The  checklist ensures the organisation is executing effectively and that we’re making good progress on achieving our outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I build confidence in my team's ability to achieve OKRs?

We always recommend starting your OKR journey with a pilot 6 week OKR cycle. By starting small, we can bring everyone on board to learn the OKR process. Throughout this process it is important to celebrate the wins we have along the way to build confidence amongst the team. 

What are some common challenges that may affect OKR confidence, and how can they be overcome?

We all hit roadblocks in our planning. Unexpected new priorities come up, technology fails us, or resources disappear. When these things happen, it’s important we discuss with our teams how we can readjust and overcome these barriers.

Through harnessing the power of the collective wisdom of your team, discussing how you can raise your confidence will help chart a pathway forward, together. Perhaps you find ways to reprioritize, seek new opportunities or collaborate with other team members.

What steps can leaders take to foster a culture of OKR confidence among their teams?

As a leader you can create time and space for your team to have open discussions about your OKR confidence score. Holding steady to a set meeting time where OKR confidence in the agenda is the first step. In these meetings, create an environment where your team can feel safe to share their thoughts and ideas, feel empowered to help each other out and chart a pathway forward.

What role does communication play in enhancing OKR confidence within an organization?

Communication is key! By following the OKR Confidence TEmplate and using it with your team, you are creating the space for open conversation about whats working, what’s not working and how to adjust course. Having regular Check-Ins where confidence scoring is discussed paves the way for communication to become a part of your team way of working. 

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