OKR Coaching & Mentoring

Our OKR Coaching Services are here to help you and your organizations lead OKR with confidence.

With OKR Coaching, we work with you to improve your existing OKR model or implement a new model, at every level of the organization. 

OKR Coaching & Mentoring

Are you already doing OKR as an Executive and want to get ahead of the game with OKR? Our Australian OKR Coaches are you trusted advisors to ensure you have the right OKR model, setting meaningful OKRs and maintaining accountability within the business.

Lead OKR with absolute confidence - get started us today.

Why the Need for
OKR Coaching & Mentoring?

We've helped 1000s of businesses embed OKR, and our OKR Coaching Services can help you too.

Get focused on outcomes with OKR coaching and avoid costly mistakes. We see OKR done in a lot of the wrong ways and often Executives question themselves during the journey. Our OKR Coaches are here to support you, removing the mystery and getting you straight to the action.

Imagine what you could achieve if all of your people were focused on the one outcome which matters right now. Unlock the potential of OKR and get the boost you need.

Our OKR Coaching Services help you establish new behaviors and become a strategically aligned, and outcomes-focused, organization.

Avoid the mistakes and get focused on the results.

Who Needs an
OKR Coach & Mentor?

Our OKR Coaching Services are designed to help top-level roles at every level of the organization become legendary OKR Leaders. We save you time by creating an OKR model which runs itself, that people love, and is easy to apply.

Our OKR Coaches work with you to find efficiencies in the workflow to achieve desired outcomes and results.

Once we have an OKR model designed, we then want you to lead OKR with confidence. Our OKR Coaches are here to help you answer the challenging OKR questions team members may ask.


How We Help as Certified OKR Coaches & Mentors

OKR Quickstart tailors OKR Coaching Services to meet your organizations specific needs:

create a tailored OKR Game 

Our OKR Coaches and Mentors guide you on an OKR model uniquely for your business that is effortlessly aligned and runs like autopilot. 

Tactics to achieve your OKR

With OKR Coaching and Mentoring, we help you set the right OKRs. We bring leading business strategy, product leadership, and operational experience to help you achieve your vision.

be a confident OKR leader

Our top OKR Coaches equip you with everything you need to guide teams and individuals with absolute confidence. We're also here to help with those really tricky questions!

Team outcome mindset

Create a culture of outcome mindset and accountability within your teams with our OKR Coaching and Mentoring Services.

quick Apply to work with us

We don't want to sell you on our OKR Coaching. We just tell you who it's for and who it's not. If you do want to work with us, great! If not, that's totally cool too. If the following sounds like you and you'd like some help, then fill out some basic details and we'll reach out with next steps.

Our OKR Coaching is for:

  1. Executives, Leaders and Founders with an existing team.
  2. People who have started OKR or plan to introduce OKR.
  3. People who know their business can grow, and who are willing to work to make that happen.
  4. People who are already successful, and want to take their teams to a whole new level.

Our OKR Coaching is not for:

  1. People who don't have a team or product in market.
  2. People who want to use OKR to increase control and compliance over your teams (sorry, this is about empowerment).
How many people are in your business?
1 to 5 people
6 to 12 people
13 to 40 people
Greater than 40 people

What they are saying

We help businesses on creating incredible customer outcomes by uplifting their leadership capability and aligning their people on what´s more important. Read what our clients are saying about OKR Quickstart and how we helped them along the way.

Within only 4 months we found we had turbocharged our product delivery increased customer impact and were working better together to realise our vision.

Peter Forbes

Founder & CEO HROnboard 

The OKR Quickstart team provided ongoing support and guidance that has enabled us to go from strength to strength. Having recently made the Australian Stock Exchange 300 list, we are well-positioned for radical long-term success.

Monica Watt


Working with the OKR Quickstart team was an absolute delight! We found an average productivity uplift of 20-30%!

Jarrod Ellery


Our Clients

Our Clients

Achieve the incredible.

other OKR solutions for you

OKR Quickstart

When times are tough, the tough get going! Drive serious business outcomes by identifying high impact OKRs that align your teams and enable them to grow your business. Get started the right way and drive success sooner.

OKR Coaching

Already loving OKR and wanting to get more? Want your questions answered quickly? Need insights for how others are driving the most value from OKR? Our OKR coaches can work with you top level up your OKR approach. 

OKR Training

Up your game with on-demand training, live workshops and custom in-house sessions. Our training is tailored from years of experience and real world OKR implementations. Our methods are proven to drive results and are a hell of a lot of fun to boot.

Built from experience

Tim Newbold

Director of Strategy @ OKR Quickstart

This is Tim Newbold, Director of Strategy and Founder of OKR Quickstart. Tim is one of the world´s leading OKR Coaches. For over a decade, Tim has refined our approach to OKR across a number of organisations and industries. He's learnt the hard lessons so you don't need to. 


Tim's team of OKR Consultants and OKR Facilitators now helps companies embed OKR from our offices in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Our delighted clients span Asia, the US, and Europe. Our favourite clients have written some incredible stories about our work with them. 

frequently asked questions

Do you have Australian OKR Coaches or are they international?

Both! As an Australian based business, we have Australian OKR Coaches based in Melbourne and Sydney. From this location we support companies in New Zealand and across Asia.

We also have OKR Consulting team members based in Europe and the United States. Put simply, we have a passionate team member ready to work with you in your local region.

How does a consultation typically work?

Ultimately it comes down to your needs. Most clients find value from some initial workshops to lift their OKR capability with an ongoing support from our "OKR Velocity" sessions. 

If you're after an extensive program to embed OKR, then check out our guaranteed OKR implementation program. The OKR Quickstart is designed to take your business from novice to OKR leader in just one quarter (or less).

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