Mid-Cycle Review Checklist

What is the Mid-Cycle Review?

The OKR Mid-cycle review is all about bringing the team together to make sure we're heading down the right path and planning ahead effectively. We do this by:

1. Showcasing work done to date and validate outcomes created
2. Course correcting where the outcome is not expected to be achieved & reset expectations
3. Capturing insights for priorities for consideration next quarter.

How do you prepare for the Mid-Cycle Review?

  • Bring data: Update Koan with the latest metrics, and prepare any supporting data needed to validate progress made.

  • Understand challenges: Note down the biggest challenge holding back progress on the OKR.

  • Showcase Initiatives: Be ready to talk to any deliverables or activities you’ve completed so far. We don’t need a presentation, but you’re welcome to show relevant material (such as Nexus screenshots, sales scripts etc).

  • Next steps: Be ready to outline the plan for the remainder of the quarter. If it looks like you’ll achieve a given Key Result, explore how we can stretch further.

7-8 minutes to cover all of these points for each Key Result group


During the OKR Mid-cycle Review we’ll cover the following:

  • For each Key Result
  • Review progress, metrics and key challenges
  • Showcase milestones / key deliverables
  • Discuss action plan for remainder of quarter
  • Discuss next quarter's priorities  (15 min)