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3 Ways to Help Employees Develop a Learning Habit

Updated: May 23, 2022

Learning is a continuous process that involves plenty of highs and lows, but knowing how to develop a good learning habit can make all the difference in advancing one’s career. The fast-paced industry today demands top-notch talents to show impressive learnability, highlighting a person’s intellectual curiosity more than anything else.

After all, an employee or leader who has the motivation to learn without being prompted is a key asset in any venture. That’s why companies who are looking for innovative ways to strengthen their competitive position can start by implementing a strong learning culture in the workplace.

A love for learning can be a powerful driving force that gives your business an edge, and here’s how you can encourage everyone to jump on the bandwagon with you:


Tip #1: Spark Inspiration by Asking Employees What They Want to Learn

Offering training opportunities allow companies to bridge the gap in their workforce but forcing a learning habit can miss its mark if you only stick to your own interest.

By taking a more progressive and inclusive approach, you can establish interest-based learning and provide sustainable options that can engage different employees.

This will help reinforce long-lasting learning habits that actually promote a collaborative culture, one enhances the office dynamics.


Tip #2: Integrate Relevant Training Tools

Pushing for a singular method of learning can quickly burn out your employees, especially if it doesn’t cater to their ideal learning style. Keep in mind that everyone learns differently, so it’s best to invest in a diverse set of training tools that can suit a dynamic workplace.

From a traditional LMS, hosted course platform, video conferencing, and more, having multiple options ensure everyone can use a medium that facilitates a love for learning in your organisation.


Tip #3: Include a Mentorship Program in your Organisation’s Development Strategy

Building small habits to achieve bigger wins takes time, but you can fast-track and solidify the progress by offering peer mentorship programs as part of your professional development strategy.

SKILLFIRE’s OKR Bootcamp, for example, offers rigorous training programs as a form of sharing experience where everyone in the workforce can come together and learn the best practices to define the company’s objectives and key results.


The Bottom Line: The Importance of Training and Developing Good Learning Habits in the Workplace

Taking the first step to develop a positive learning culture in the workplace doesn’t happen overnight. With the right program and guidance, business leaders and employees alike can realign their goals and join the transformative movement so the organisation can increase its efficiency, productivity, happiness, and success.


How can SKILLFIRE Help Boost your Skills?

Helping your team develop a wide range of skills is the key to growing your business. It’s all about honing your leadership capability and increasing effectiveness in your strategy, so your team can maximize their productivity and strive for organisational,,, alignment.

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