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3 Effective Tips to Encourage Ownership in Your Team

Updated: July 7, 2022

Being a leader can be empowering and exciting, but the challenges that come with it are undeniable at the same time. There are also extra forms of struggle when your coworkers do not have the same level of ownership as you do, which is an essential component of a successful team.

Ownership is a concept commonly used in the workplace, but many individuals fail to use it in the right context. In more cases than one, ownership is confused with accountability. However, it pertains to the commitment and personal investment to an outcome. It is driven by the individual, whereas accountability is driven by leaders.

When someone from your team takes full ownership of a project, it means that you’ll have the confidence to count on them to deliver. Effective leaders actively encourage their team members to take ownership, ensuring their growth and path to success.

If you’re part of executive leadership, here are three simple ways you can help your team members grow as leaders:

1. Make your team members feel like they belong

If you build a culture where people are comfortable to be their authentic selves, you’ll see them hitting goal after goal and delivering. Essentially, being comfortable helps them bring their best work on the table.

To achieve an approachable environment, understand what diversity means to your team. From there, think of a plan that helps the rest of your team understand. You may, for instance, have a single parent on your team. A single parent’s needs are vastly different from your other team members, so what can you do to make life and work better?

Empathy is the key here, as everyone has unique circumstances. As the leader, it’s your responsibility to understand each team member’s needs. In doing so, it will help productivity levels rise, especially since they know that they’re working for and with the right people.

With such a strong motivation foundation, you’ll eventually see your team blossoming and taking ownership of projects.

2. Clearly define work roles and objectives

If you wish for ownership to thrive in your team, allow them to be responsible over the things they produce and create. The more a person spends on a particular role, the sense of ownership will develop naturally.

With that being said, your team members must understand how objectives and key results affect the goals and organisation. Some employees are more likely to succeed and engage when they understand how their work contributes to success. If left unchecked, they’ll lose motivation to stay, much less take on ownership.

The objectives of their jobs must be carefully explained, as with the scope and title. Ensure that your team also understands how their job impacts the success of the company. By doing so, you highlight the importance of their respective jobs, which motivates them to succeed and further their career growth.

3. Empower your team to take on the responsibility

To encourage your team to fully embrace ownership, let their voice be heard, especially regarding things that directly impact their work. If you wish someone to start owning, empower them to take on responsibility.

This empowerment means that you allow them to choose strategies, pitch projects, and even elect changes for processes. Allowing them to have a voice also contributes to a sense of ownership, as it helps them feel more connected to their work.


The cultivation of ownership is essential for uplifting motivation and performance. More importantly, a sense of ownership allows leaders of the future to thrive. To ensure that your employees are invested fully in their projects, keep the tips above in mind.

Belongingness, motivation, and empowerment are key roles in ownership – make sure to invest in them!

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