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How to Survive 2021 by Having Objectives and Key Results

Updated: March 16, 2022

Maintaining a business in today’s ever-changing landscape poses endless challenges, specifically affecting those who aren’t used to facing sudden hurdles and problems.

When you’re looking to handle a thriving company, you have to make sure to establish a set of objectives that will direct your business to where exactly you want to be. In addition, you need to determine the key results that will push you to attain your objectives! As such, knowing your firm’s Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a crucial part of remaining open during these trying times.

If you’re planning to stay afloat and continue running in 2021, then you can benefit from establishing your OKRs. While the future remains unclear for the whole world, you will need to move and think quickly and develop sound systems and methods.

Keep reading below to know how OKR can improve your strategy by carefully planning your goals and focusing on what’s in front of you.


Using OKRs to Achieve Your Goals Much Faster

When your mission is to manage your work more efficiently, applying OKRs can grant you exactly what you need. Your company’s management department can perform the necessary corrections to any errors you encounter along the way—significantly shortening your feedback cycle’s time frame, from annual to quarterly. It serves as a good opportunity for businesses to gain strategic agility and face any challenge by learning to switch gears when necessary.

Another thing about OKRs is it can assure you of focusing on alignment to reach your goals! It works by getting your workforce to cater their individual objectives alongside the company’s business goals. While the head management strives to develop useful and driven plans, the other departments proceed to apply organisational alignment to achieve a shared vision for the firm.

When you practice measurements focused on setting efficient goals, it will impact your business culture and improve your current systems. As a result, the heads of the company won’t have a hard time building goals within unfamiliar professional environments and situations.


How to Manage Your OKRs in a Remote Setting

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that occurred last year, businesses had to adapt to the changes and considered working from home or a remote environment. As employees remain accountable for each task they accomplish, managers should keep themselves from continually asking for updates every minute of every day.

Micromanagement should be discouraged in the workplace to make room for growth and improvement. Instead of asking for continual updates and risk stifling the employee, they can designate well-spaced update meetings to keep everything in line. If an employee faces a struggle, managers should be open to talking about them during conferences and necessary check-ins. That way, working remotely won’t slow down the business and, instead, inspire everyone to continue working toward the company’s goals.



When your company learns to incorporate Objectives and Key Results into your strategy, you can expect to witness improvements in the long run. Learning to use an OKR software to quicken the pace of obtaining your goals will make the work of your HR, managers, and employees significantly better. It also serves as a solution to monitoring everyone’s goals and guaranteeing that they are aligned with the company’s overall vision for the long term.


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