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Establishing Strategic Alignment

Updated: March 2, 2022

If your business’ structure and resources don’t align correctly with the strategies you uphold and the environment you work in, your company is bound to fail. The lack of connection between your goals and the approaches you take will lead you and your employees to miss out on seeing the genuine purpose of your business.

Organisational alignment is necessary to have a productive environment where all employees work in harmony with one another—which results in greater chances of your business flourishing! As such, your company needs a reliable and strategic method to align your goals for even more accomplishments.


What are the Factors Affecting Your Strategic Alignment?


Executive Staff

Your executive staff serve as your right-hand employees, all of which are in charge of supervising the company. Their task is to make decisions and serve as role models that the rest of your employees should look up to for advice.


Subordinate Staff

Your subordinate staff are the people who handle your customers regularly. Whether through online or offline methods, over the phone or at a physical location, they are the employees that serve to face your customers, ensuring they’re getting the products or services they need.



Your clients can also affect how you come up with a strategy because they are the people who will benefit from what you’re offering. To have a well-aligned approach, you should strive to have a customer persona in mind at the very least. Doing so will give you a better grasp of how to provide quality customer experience.


How to Deliver Better Strategic Alignment at Work


Dealing with Your Executive Staff

Misalignment with your executive staff can prove that your current business strategy is preventing your company from achieving your objectives and acquiring the key results to help your business grow. Having a strategic plan can benefit your long-term goals and serves as the direction your company needs to follow.

There are numerous reasons why a particular approach isn’t working, among which would be an unclear definition of your staff’s roles within the company. This blurred line to one’s job can demotivate a person, causing underperformance. Aside from that, hiring employees who aren’t fulfilling their duties and having an inefficient executive staff are major reasons for the downfall of a company.

To acquire a better strategy that will enable leadership among your staff, you should establish a clear and direct purpose from the very beginning. If your employees don’t know what to do, it’s hard to create a flow in a business, especially if there’s a lot at stake.

It’s also crucial that every single one knows the role that they’re playing so they can be motivated to contribute to accomplishing the company’s objectives together. Having a specific direction can help everyone align their decisions and grow your business effectively.


Dealing with Your Employees

Lacking the right business strategy to guide your employees can result in issues involving your company culture. Businesses need to have a well-defined purpose of doing things; as such, if your employees don’t have the strategic agility to make decisions, then your company is in clear danger of failing.

If you want to stand out among your competitors, then your company culture should also be distinct because it will serve as your edge for people to support you. That’s why it’s essential to assign the best leaders in your company who can portray those behaviours and the values you want your employees to have.

Besides that, how your staff act will reflect the reputation of your business, as it will relate to how they deal with customers and potential partners. The culture of your company stands as the personality of your brand—so it’s essential to know what you’re prepared to show the public!

To create a leadership uplift for the benefit of the company, you need to establish the objectives of your business, so your employees will remember their purpose and learn to refocus their goals. Since your staff are the ones representing your business, it’s essential to determine if they’re still meeting the needs of the customers or if you’re focusing on the right audience.



Having a carefully aligned strategic approach for your business benefits your employees and the business, as a whole. If you want to strive and determine ways to grow and provide collaborative opportunities for your staff, it’s essential to take a step back and figure out what’s going on with your business. You may need to reassess your objectives, purpose, and roles time and time again so that everyone is always on the same page and is contributing to the improvement of the company.


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