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3 Essential Leadership Skills That Drive Results

Updated: July 7, 2022

Driving results is critical in the growth and success of your organisation. It refers to making sure that your entire team performs at their best, accomplishes all tasks successfully, and achieves strategic business goals to propel your business forward.

Being a leader entails you to prioritise driving results, which is essential as it is deeply intertwined with your objectives and key results. To ensure the excellence of your team and progress in your organisation, you must master the most essential leadership skills that drive results, which are the following:

1. Accountability

The key to having an effective organisation is accountability, which means being responsible for your actions and decisions and taking ownership of your work. Being a leader who excels at driving results means you have the power to boost the performance of your team, inspire to be responsible for their work, and most importantly, empower and motivate your entire team to drive your projects to completion.

To become a successful leader who drives results, you need to set a good example for your team members. Inspire them to become accountable by staying responsible, fixing issues that need to be addressed in your organisation, and implementing changes as you deem fit.

2. Good decision-making

Running or managing a business involves making lots of decisions that can either make or break your organisation. As a leader, you are constantly faced with situations that require you to make choices, and regardless of how small or big it is, this can affect the overall performance of your business.

Your decisions play a major role in how your organisation performs, which is why being able to make well-thought-out decisions is important. In short, you cannot afford to make poor decisions.

While the choices you make may depend on specific situations, one way to guide you in making good decisions is considering organisational alignment, which means sharing a common vision for your company. You can make the right choices and handle various circumstances properly by ensuring that your decisions are aligned with the values of your organisation. Other ways that can guide you are keeping your goals in mind and weighing your options.

3. Curiosity

Curiosity plays a significant role in the learning process. To lead effectively and drive results, you have to be inquisitive. Since asking the right questions and seeking new information expands your knowledge, you will be able to think more rationally, make better decisions, and come up with more innovative solutions for your organisation.

Furthermore, being curious can help you become a better communicator. As you share information actively and open up more to your team, you will tend to listen more attentively. This can cultivate better relationships rooted in trust among your organisation and lead to better team performance.


Being a result-drive leader is needed to ensure the success of your company. To drive results, you have to hone your skills, such as accountability, good decision-making, and curiosity. You may consider taking-up courses to learn these skills and become a more effective leader.

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