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What Aussie Companies’ OKRs Should Focus On Amid Remote Work

Updated: February 27, 2022

Setting your Objectives and Key Results is crucial in keeping your business afloat. With more than a year of many businesses’ operations relying on remote work, many should be well-adjusted and have their goals figured and planned out.

There was quite a number that had failed to sustain the business though, as they were unsure how to adjust. Whether you’re a company trying to fine-tune your business while working online or just a startup that’s just about to enter the waters of handling business operations digitally, there is a training available for you.

OKR learning and training can help with unlocking your team’s potential and empowering different roles to create an impact while remote working. This will be great if you’re seeking to solidify your business’ approach to digital operations as the landscape shifts into more uncertainty regarding remote work. Here are some of the things to focus on during remote work:


Competing Internationally

Basically, everybody is in the online space. Alongside the consumers are other competitors in your industry who are also trying to establish themselves. Taking on other international businesses and trying to work your way up can be a very high objective to declare, but having this goal can help narrow down what methods would suit and elevate your company.

Keep in mind that many businesses will need to have different approaches, which makes it crucial to have training that’s more personable. Generalities may work, but it isn’t guaranteed to make your brand stand out from the international competition. See your business’s strong suits and go from there.


Uplifting Company Culture

Just because everyone’s not in a physical workplace doesn’t mean the business has to forget the company culture and values that it holds. If anything, these elements should be given much more effort to ensure that they’re still being carried out correctly while everyone’s working separately.

For example, if your company culture values transparency amongst employees, continue on doing so. Schedule meetings and talk with one another to keep everybody on the same page at all times. Take the barriers into consideration and ask how your company’s spirit can adapt and remain in spite of it.


Refining Resources

Your company relies on the quality of your resources, as they are a deciding factor for the business’s workflow and how the other OKRs will be achieved. Thus, it’s important to set an Objective about how to choose and maintain the best resources. Here are three things to always assess:

  1. Managers. The remote workplace should be manned by good leaders who know the OKRs of the company and strive to pursue their fulfillment. Managing a physical team is much different from a virtual one, and the foundation of making it work both ways is good communication.
  2. Talent. Employees and specialists are a fundamental part of the company. Remote work has opened doors to many businesses that now seek to hire the most skillful people for the role that they’re eyeing.
  3. Technology. With everything online, it’s imperative for businesses to have the right technology in place to be effective in their virtual operations. Each phase of the company would ideally be streamlined onto one platform for a more sound and unified key result.



In summary, OKRs are necessary for Aussie businesses to carry out their company operations through remote work. When setting these Objectives, three things that always have to be considered are the competition, the company culture, and the resources that will propel the business forward.

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