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Strategic Agility: 4 Questions to Help Your Company Practise It

Updated: February 25, 2022

Growing your business means implementing the best practices possible. Given the numerous techniques and strategies out there to help your enterprise find success, you may not know where to start. What the largest and most profitable companies don’t tell you is that the secret to success is strategic agility.

Every business needs a leader with strategic agility, or the ability to see ahead clearly. This foresight allows your company to prepare for future trends, possibilities, and consequences accurately, helping your company expertly manoeuver challenges. A strategically agile leader has expansive knowledge and a broad perspective while being future-oriented, allowing your business to stay ahead of the curve.

Not sure how to start? Here are four questions you can ask your company to help you get started on being strategically agile:


1. Do We Have a Clear Vision of Our Future?

Strategic agility involves having clarity on your company’s current position and a vision of where you are headed. You must also be aware of where your business might go according to circumstances and their resulting possibilities. A strategically agile leader knows how to create possible scenarios for the company and detailed plans that map out the response.

Having a clear vision of your future also means knowing if it is advantageous to keep the same strategy for the next year, three years, or even five years. It also shows the crucial players in your plan and how best to work with them for your success.


2. Can We Accurately Anticipate Future Trends and Consequences?

Only a few people have predicted 2020 to experience such massive, rapid changes on such an unprecedented scale. The year has indeed been evidence that anything can happen, and for a business to survive, you must be ready for all possibilities.

Strategic agility allows your company to anticipate situations that will affect your operations and profitability in the next few months or years. Having a clear picture of how specific scenarios would affect your employees and your bottom line will help your business pivot to strategies that will keep everyone afloat. Such alertness is necessary to weather such extreme situations and will offer your enterprise vital stability.


3. Are We Open-Minded?

We live in the most well-documented era, with an endless supply of information readily available online. With almost ubiquitous access to the Internet, you can broaden your perspective, understanding of your business, and its potential to disrupt your field.

Take advantage of the news, education, and training that your company can use to improve itself. By keeping an open mind, you’ll be aware of more perspectives that can help your business change gears according to the situation and thrive.


4. Are We Capable of Creating Groundbreaking Strategies?

Your company’s objectives and key results are essential to creating strategies that change the game. Such innovation requires strategic agility, which will help your company and its leaders look ahead and anticipate what your customers need today and a year from now.

Organisational alignment is necessary to keep everyone on board with deploying these tactics. A united yet future-oriented company is an essential quality for creating innovative strategies, which will help you grow your business to new heights.



Strategic agility is an important quality that not many business owners have under their belt. However, learning how to adapt quickly and immediately respond to changes requires deep reflection and swift reaction, which will help your business prosper. Learning to reinvent and reimagine your company are all part of strategic agility, which will give you what you need to survive even the most difficult circumstances.

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