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We specialise in helping high growth businesses achieve the incredible though OKRs. We've done it enough times and make enough of our own mistakes to make your implementation a huge success!

Our Clients

Our Clients

Bootcamp Outcomes

With times are tough, the tough get going! Drive serious business outcomes by identifying the high impact OKRs that align your teams and enable them to grow your business. Get started the right way and drive success sooner.

In this bootcamp, you'll learn:

  • Learn how to drive success despite economic challenges.
  • In-depth understanding of OKRs and their intent.
  • Create a path for change by identifying leveraging enablers of change.
  • Ready to lead personal, team and organisation-wide OKR setting exercises.
  • Have the practices and tools to run a scaled OKR workshop to create focus and alignment between teams.
  • Embed OKRs into the business and team operating rhythm, making them relevant, active and impactful.


The OKR Bootcamp requires a 4-hour per week commitment, consisting of a:

  • Weekly training session (video at a time which works for you).
  • Weekly group coaching.
  • Fortnightly peer collaboration call.
  • Ongoing engagement with our online OKR community.

The completion of the series will result in a virtual unconference to condense and share the learning

Entry Criteria

Although we're opening this to the public, the group joining us must be high impact and outcome-focused, and who are totally committed to creating change. Positions are limited, so all applicants will be individually assessed and interviewed.

Learn from the best, trusted by the best:

"We found we had turbocharged our product delivery, increased customer impact and were working better together to realise our vision. "

Peter Forbes

Founder & CEO HROnboard

" Working with the SKILLFIRE team was an absolute delight! We found an average productivity uplift of 20-30%! "

Jarrod Ellery


"Leadership begins with your team and SKILLFIRE allowed us to facilitate an incredible day of insights, learning and clarity on the the vision of our company."

Linda Monique

Founder & CEO ALMO

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