Working with the OKR Quickstart team was an absolute delight! They have saved us countless hours through effective delivery and operational practices which are strategically aligned. Our people are more outcome and customer-focused and had fun in the process.

Progressing through a phase of rapid scaling, MLC Life engaged OKR Quickstart to focus on embedding Agile ways of working within our technology teams and supporting the discussion of organisation wide agility with the Executive Leadership Team (ELT).

With OKR Quickstart’s help we articulated a clear vision of why agility was important to the ELT and why it was critical for the organisation's success. The OKR Quickstart team practiced what they preached; they approached the transformation in a manner which engaged staff and allowed them to create their own path to agility based on the context of the team which resulted in a great fit for all.

The transformation was built around a quarterly rhythm of Objective and Key Result setting; starting with the technology, shifting focus to the ELT and then to other areas of our business including Operations, People (HR), Actuarial and Risk.

The results speak for themselves. The ELT benefited from a new operating rhythm and each member agreed the new way of working improved effectiveness, focus and communication. We saw organisational alignment improve as we became better at communicating the outcomes that were “most important to MLC Life right now” to our people and they understood what they needed to do to help achieve them. Anecdotally, we also saw an uplift in engagement and collaboration in the teams working with agile methods.

According to a survey conducted at the end of the engagement:

  • 88% of teams found work visibility increased
  • 59% of teams found communication improved within the team and the organisation
  • 72% of teams found productivity increases
  • 75% of teams found an increased ability to deliver customer outcomes
  • 75% of teams found autonomy increased through clearer goals and healthy team practices.

In addition, through other data points we found an average productivity improvement of 20-30% in agile teams and a 60% reduction in Finance’s end of month activities which had wide sweeping benefits across the organisation.

We had a fantastic time working with the team at OKR Quickstart and I sincerely hope to work with them again soon. Their approach coupled with the energy, culture and mindset they inject are second to none. If you want to become a more adaptive organisation, OKR Quickstart are the right people to talk to.


Chief Operating Officer (COO) of MLC Life Insurance

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