At ELMO, we’ve been excited to be going through incredible growth and success. Our employees are passionate and our customers love our product. The challenge we were facing was that with our rapid growth, we needed to increase pace and outcomes from our teams. We engaged OKR Quickstart to help us rapidly scale while maintaining the impact of our people.

OKR Quickstart helped us in three key areas, primarily focusing on our Research and Development group:

  1. High-impact leadership
  2. Embedding the Objectives and Key Results framework
  3. Agile product development and ways of working

From the first moment that we engaged OKR Quickstart, we found them an exciting and energetic group who were very outcome-focused. They began with a deep assessment of our business and ways of working. This assessment led to a change program that was championed by our people while guided by their expert team. This created an incredible level of engagement on the change journey.

The pace of change was remarkable! This led to teams moving quickly supported by OKR Quickstart's careful advice, avoiding costly mistakes. In particular, their experience with Objectives and Key Results allowed us to embed the framework and scale at an unbelievable pace. Within six weeks we had 160 people working with OKRs. The value created was incredible.

As the agile ways of working were rolled out, the benefits were high impacting and immediate. By leveraging the metrics the OKR Quickstart team shared during the change cycle, you could see the true business paving created. Some of the key benefits we saw were improving engagement and a reduction in the time it took to get work completed. When factoring in the actual benefits behind what OKR Quickstart had done, we’d seen seven figures worth of value created.

The OKR Quickstart team provided ongoing support and guidance that has enabled us to go from strength to strength. Having recently made the Australian Stock Exchange 300 list, we are well-positioned for radical long term success.

If you’re a growing business and need to drive outcomes, I cannot recommend the OKR Quickstart team enough. 


Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) of ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll

ELMO's Results with OKR and Agile

Game changer!


ARR growth


Customer retention


Increase in total customer LTV

Achieve the incredible.

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