Introduce your business and tell us your story: What‘s Altro all about?

Altro is a leading UK, family-owned and founded manufacturer and supplier of resilient flooring, hygienic wall sheets, resins and transport flooring solutions. What’s that actually mean? Well, it’s really about creating high quality, beautifully designed and clean interiors. 

With a 100 years under the belt, we have an incredible history and product. I’ve learnt in business though that you need to keep moving! My focus is really on making Altro the most innovative interior surface supplier in Australia!

What made you decide to explore OKR?

As the new Managing Director of Altro Australia, I was excited to reinvigorate our growth in a fun and engaging way. It was also a challenging time. Competition was heating up in the region with inferior but cheap products putting increased pressure on us. We needed to level up our game if we were going to come out on top. Not only that, there was a lot riding on it for me personally. 

As a leader, I needed to show the impact I could have and build confidence with the board. It was important to bring the team on the journey. I believe that creating a nurturing workplace is critical for success. Approaching this the wrong way would only disenfranchise people and lead to lacklustre results.

This is where OKR Quickstart came in. They have unsurpassed experience and reputation when it comes to OKR. Both in how to apply the framework, but also how to generate buy in with the team.

What was your experience like with OKR Quickstart?

For us, the OKR Quickstart was really something special during an otherwise challenging time. It had been a tricky period with rolling lock downs due to the pandemic. The team hadn’t gotten together in months! 

In between the lock downs, we had a moment to bring the team together from across Australia. This was hosted by the team at OKR Quickstart and was a real blast! We covered everything. Continuous improvement, ways of working, OKR training, setting our goals and action plans. Full on, but really impactful.

The training was easy to understand and incredibly engaging. There were a few of the team who were really new to goal setting. This made it quite challenging to get them across a complex topic such as OKR. Thankfully, OKR Quickstart took the time to guide them along the way to really simplify and understand the concepts.

This led to OKR being fully adopted by the team. I was surprised by just how much buy-in they generated and how easy it was for the team to follow.

In short, OKR Quickstart’s approach to OKR Coaching and Training is simply next level! They saved me loads of time and headaches!

What advice would you give to executives looking to embed OKR?

I’ve said it a few times, but it really comes down to creating buy-in with your teams. This was a key focus OKR Quickstart raised and a real differentiation with similar business changes we’ve had in the past. We spent a lot of time getting clear on why we’re exploring OKR and how it will help every team member.

The other part is really getting it to stick. That’s where the weekly check-ins and confidence scores were game changing. This is what created the sustained buy in and traction on our execution.

tim attard

Managing Director of Altro APAC

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