At HROnboard we had a blast working with the team at OKR Quickstart! Within only 3 months we found we had turbo charged our product delivery, increased customer impact and were working better together to realise our vision.

We’ve always moved at a very fast pace and found that in 2015 the pace of growth was causing some challenges around how we structured and ran the business. In particular, we found it was getting harder to build alignment between product objectives and the development team, and with the growing customer base, onboarding and support were becoming increasingly challenging.

The team at OKR Quickstart was initially engaged to perform an organisation wide assessment to better understand the underlying challenges and identify opportunities to enable us to move faster, with better quality to help us create amazing new starter and onboarding experiences. The investigation led to a business wide transformation, with a focus on Lean Startup, Innovation and Lean Practices.  This assessment was key to setting up a strong foundation of understanding the challenges being faced and cement what we hoped to achieve from it. It became apparent, this wasn’t a product or technology thing, the entire business needed to get behind it!

Having identified the challenges, OKR Quickstart worked with the development and product teams to align their approach and objectives and create a strong operating rhythm which supported the HROnboard operating heartbeat. With this work alone, we saw the time to deliver features reduce by an impressive 90% which can be attributed to the work practices and increased discipline in the team. Couple that with an 80% reduction in rework thanks to better communication, closer collaboration and regular feature checkpoints during development, we found we could move faster than ever. 

With the product development teams operating efficiently, we moved to roll agility out across the business. OKR Quickstart supported the customer success team with applying lean and visual management practices for onboarding activities resulting in faster onboardings, with less issues. The new way of working allowed improvements to be made to the platform which was the foundation of our journey to automate customer onboarding.

As OKR Quickstart approached the end of their time with us, they worked with the sales team to improve ways of working and visualise the sales pipeline to ensure the team were focusing on the high impact customers, and informing the Customer Success team of upcoming work.

Throughout the engagement, a series of ceremonies and activities were introduced to bring the broader organisation together, showcasing what teams had achieved and identifying opportunities for improvement. These sessions enabled the business to operate as one, and support each other in achieving objectives to ensure we were collectively successful.

Finally, we found a quantifiable uptick in team engagement during this journey, which was really encouraging to see. 

I can’t recommend the OKR Quickstart team enough. Being an optimist I had high hopes, but the outcomes we saw were incredible! The HROnboard team had a great time working with the crew from OKR Quickstart, and we still continue to work with them! 


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