At BUENO, our business is a unique mash-up of software development, design, R&D and traditional building engineering disciplines so evaluating and moulding anything to work within our seemingly chaotic business model across staff located in multiple states and territories was always going to be a challenge. 

OKR Quickstart has definitely stepped into the breach and taken on the difficult task of helping guide our organisation from scratch through the trials and tribulations that come with the rapid growth of a successful start-up. Importantly, strong people and cultural values are paramount to how we operate at BUENO so it was a non-negotiable pre-requisite that our partners share this same creed with us, the

OKR Quickstart team has lived up to this and we have found the staff to be easy to work with, creative, accountable, respectful, PATIENT and importantly very effective communicators of business-critical ideas and principles across the diverse range of needs within our organisation.

We have found that the comprehensive suite of services has delivered truly to their mantra of taking businesses from surviving to thriving, assisting us to develop and deliver systematically on a broad range of organisational improvements from the implementation of Agile, Business Strategic development, a variety of training specialisation all the way through to tailored mentoring\coaching in a way that has made the scale-up journey enjoyable for all involveddelivering the performance to us through meaningful and repeatable techniques that do not rely solely on the OKR Quickstart team to be continuously embedded into the ongoing change management process beyond the initial train the trainer phases of implementation. 

We have gone from strength to strength through this continued engagement and highly recommend OKR Quickstart to any organisation that is seeking assistance with managing rapid growth in an environment that seeks easy implementation with rapid sustainable results.

Scott Horsnell

Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) of BUENO

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