We’ve been working with the OKR Quickstart team for more than a year now. At the time we were facing growth, but not at the pace we were hoping. We started researching OKR as a way to align the team on strategic priorities and drive deeper responsibility with the team. We were looking through various through leaders and were excited to see the Australian based Tim Newbold from OKR Quickstart was one of the leaders!

Tim and the team at OKR Quickstart got us started with the OKR Quick Start which encompassed highly practical bootcamp style training followed by a short OKR cycle to learn the system. This was delivered in an engaging way which really helped the team to understand what they needed to do and when. In the past, doing this kind of thing has taken a lot of my time and it’s been frustrating to make it stick. This was the real advantage of having OKR Quickstart. They had a great structure which was tailored to our business, and they provided the support to make it all just work. 

No chasing people up. No double thinking about how we should embed it. No going back to the drawing board. Their approach just worked. It worked fast. It made it simple for everyone.

This was engaging enough for the team and got them really bought into the process. Here’s where the benefits really came in. With the sheer focus and alignment, we managed to achieve insane growth.

We managed to expand the business across Australia and extend our international reach. I thought it would help, but I had absolutely no idea just how far it could take us. Key drivers across the business improved incredibly. Service turn around, satisfaction, margins and personally, less time spent on operational matters. Just a fantastic outcome!

I can’t recommend OKR itself enough. I’ve been in business for a long time, and this is one of those game changing frameworks which you just uncover a few times in your life. If you want it done right the first time, get the OKR Quickstart team onboard. Don’t mess about. When it comes to the growth engines in your business you just need to invest. You’ll recoup every penny in no time by getting it right and getting it working well.

We still work with OKR Quickstart on a weekly basis as their strategic advice and guidance continues to help us achieve greater heights. You should too.


CEO of ABM Engineering

Achieve the incredible.

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