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High-Performance Distribution: SKILLFIRE Remote Kit

Updated: March 2, 2022

What are some of your tips for enabling high performing distributed teams? Here’s a consolidated kit of practices we use.


Download the kit here: SKILLFIRE Remote Kit


The kit is open for all. So please, contribute, share your ideas and let’s co-create something high impact!


What and who is it for?

We’re being asked to support a lot of teams going distributed right now and wanted to extend the support beyond our immediate circle. To help with these discussions and create organisational alignment, we’ve created a Remote Kit to help enable high performing distributed teams.

We’re expecting that most teams, they will find one or more team members will need to work remotely for the next little while.

Remote working can be difficult mentally and productively, so keep your team supported, try out some of the recipes in your own team and individually.


Topics we cover include:

<img role= The leader’s role in remote teams (and challenging times)

<img role= Creating proper support for each individual and avoiding isolation

<img draggable= Connecting the team to priorities

<img draggable= Navigating conflict and agreeing on how to work together


Special thanks to Michelle Sheppard for bouncing some ideas which we fed into this, and Jay Hyett for being a long-term inspiration for distributed teams.


Be happy and look after one another <img role=