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Growth Is Great, But Not When You’re Unprepared!

Updated: March 2, 2022

Everyone wants to grow, whether it’s in life or business. As adults, this desire for growth manifests in our motivation to succeed in our careers and business lives. Growth is inevitable, and humans actively seek methods to promote this and make ourselves better each time.

In the world of business and corporate life, growth can often take a nasty turn. While it’s viewed as a positive impact on a company’s status, not being prepared for it can be detrimental. Some businesses continue to drive their company to extreme heights to generate extreme returns on investments, but they tend to leave important aspects of work out of the picture.

Organisational alignment is necessary to ensure that growth is well-met, and you’ll be able to see this correctly as a proprietor using objectives and key results as a metric.


Why Not Preparing for Growth Is Destructive

Growing a company is a slow process for most, but rare instances happen where a business comes up with innovative and useful things. This shock often occurs in the gaming industry, with independent developers releasing an incredible game but get overwhelmed by the number of players and eventually die out. Some of these ideas may as well have been million-dollar ideas, but without the proper plans for growth, they’ll be binned if there are no plans to make roadmaps for development.

Objectives and Key Results are the most straightforward metrics to use, which are also known as OKRs. This metric shows a company the objectives they need to reach, and the key results are measurable items that can promote safer growth. Setting the right goals and developing an entire plan around them will help organisational alignment, allowing development to seep in slowly and steadily.


Think Ahead of the Game

If you go into business not expecting to grow, then there is no point in joining in the first place. The entrepreneurial world’s race is challenging due to the oversaturated market, and competitors will show no mercy. The moment you start investing money into your company, you’ll already need to be setting goals and OKRs to reach. You’ll also need a mindset with a leadership uplift, as those working for you and with you will need the guidance and support of someone strong-minded.

Without you preparing for future growth, you’ll be doomed to failure because of the demands a larger company has for proprietors. Employees might not handle increased workloads to keep up with customer orders or client requests, while your infrastructure can be overloaded and riddled with errors. Setting goals like hiring more people and improving infrastructure investments is reasonable to think about before the upscaling comes around the corner.


Your Team Will Be Integral for Survival

In an upscaled business environment, there will be times where you can no longer micromanage and do everything by yourself. Organisational alignment means having faith in your team members that they can do the tasks you’ve assigned them to do and that you care for their satisfaction. Growth comes with plenty of stress, and while it might seem that the proprietors get the brunt of it all, the employees and other levels feel it just as much as the executives do.



Objectives and key results are essential metrics that will drive your company to have better organisational alignment and performance in times of immense growth. Growth will only be beneficial if the right preparation is done, and there is plenty of satisfaction in the workplace.


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