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3 Organisation Agility Challenges & How to Overcome Them

Updated: April 1, 2022

For any business to be successful, they must have organisational agility.

Organisational agility is a company’s ability to renew itself, change quickly, and adapt in an ever-changing environment.

However, achieving agility isn’t an easy task, and a company is bound to encounter obstacles along the way, which can slow down the process.

In this article, we will share with you three common organisational agility challenges that many companies face today and how to overcome them:


Operational Silos

Many companies make employees meet individual or team objectives without a proper understanding of how these objectives can help the company. Although this approach may seem like a good and efficient idea at first, it eventually results in a lack of effective communication and overlooked efficiencies.

There’s nothing wrong with operational silos. However, if you think that your company suffers from this, you may implement ways to improve it by switching to process thinking. Process thinking shows how all the processes in the company take inputs and produce profits. Moreover, it aligns and focuses measures across functions and long-term goals of the company.


Organisational Resistance

At some point, a company will face a level of resistance, which slows down organisational agility. Some of the factors that can help reduce resistance in the company are by using incentives and actively promoting transparent and effective communication across all departments.

Companies also need to learn how to take resistance to their advantage. Discuss the problem that led to the opposition and work with the resistors to solve the problem.


Decision-Making Speed

As much as we all want to make decisions at a speed of light, there are times when we need to analyze every angle. However, there are also times in which decision-making takes too long that it hampers organisational agility.

If you want to improve the speed of the decision-making in the workplace, know that there must be a change in the tools used to further enhance the company’s way to wade through the possibilities before they act on it.

There must also be adjustments on behaviour by creating a safe environment to take the risk and rewarding those who take risks. A culture of continuous learning may also speed up the process of decision-making. It’s not much about making decisions fast, but it’s more about eliminating unnecessary steps that slow down the decision-making process.


Wrapping up

If a company has a collaborative environment with a robust process foundation, overcoming these organisational agility challenges will be easier. As a result, there will be little to no obstacles that may affect the agility of the company.

The key here is to establish an innovative and collaborative culture in the workplace and make sure that everybody is always on the same page as you strive to achieve goals together. Have leaders continuously promote collaboration and communication in the workplace and create processes that are efficient and practical.

Solid organisational agility can go a long way, which is why it’s crucial that you take your time and strengthen your company’s agility before anything else. This is because you may not be able to achieve the success that you want if you don’t have a pleasant workplace environment.


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