State of OKR 2020 Report


Now is the time for resilience and growth

Understand how to succeed in a post-COVID economy. We've surveyed the world's top businesses to understand how they're driving success during this challenging time.

If you're an Executive, Product Leader or Delivery Leader, this paper is for you!

What´s inside

  • Five ways OKR help you to succeed in a post-covid economy
  • Uncover who's using OKRs and the value they're getting
  • Understand how executives are leading the OKR charge
  • Discover ways to ensure your OKR journey succeeds
  • Uncover how these practices can get you up and running with OKRs in only 6 weeks

What you´ll Learn

  • Discover how to grow your businesses in a post-COVID economy
  • Understand how you can best transition to OKRs
  • Identify strategies to gain executive and team support on your journey
  • Understand how OKRs will drive success unlike traditional goal setting and KPIs

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State Of OKR 2020: How to succed in a post-covid economy

Curious to know how are top-performing businesses are driving success in a post-COVID economy? We've surveyed the best to uncover their secret!

In this webinar, we explored and discussed how you can quickly align your business on what most important and drive success during these times of disruption.

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